North Lobby Classic Car Display Exhibit Space

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Vendor Exhibit Space Contract
Louisville Auto Show
Kentucky Exposition Center
January 19 – 21, 2018

Between Classic Car Clubs (hereinafter referred to as the EXHIBITOR), and Greater Louisville Automobile Dealers Association, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the Organizer).

1. Space: For and in consideration of the sum outlined below, and subject to the terms and conditions applicable to this Contract, EXHIBITOR hereby commits to the following exhibit space at the 2018 Louisville Auto Show:


Space includes listing on the official show floor plan and on
Note: Carpet pads shall be placed beneath all tires. Batteries must be disconnected. All fuel tanks that are not equipped with locking gas caps shall have the gas caps sealed with tape. Fuel tanks shall be less than one-fourth full.

2. Utilities and Insurance. EXHIBITOR will pay the cost of any utilities that are required by EXHIBITOR and any other ancillary charges incurred on its behalf by Organizer, including but not limited to, extra installation costs and additional moving costs. EXHIBITOR shall provide Organizer a certificate of insurance prior to December 1, 2017.

3. Consideration In consideration for use of the space, EXHIBITOR commits that it will display classic cars in the designated lobby space during the Show, and EXHIBITOR will purchase one $100 VIP ticket to the 2018 Louisville Auto Show Charity Party.

4. Other Terms and Conditions: The parties agree to abide by (i) the terms and conditions of this Contract, (ii) the official “Terms and Conditions" attached hereto and made a part thereof as if copied in full herein, and (iii) the exhibitor rules and regulations of the Kentucky Exposition Center attached hereto and made a part thereof as if copied in full herein. This Contract shall not be binding upon Organizer until countersigned by Organizer and shall be voidable by Organizer in whole or in part in its sole discretion if EXHIBITOR fails to make timely payment as set forth above. This Contract shall be governed by Kentucky law without regard to conflicts-of-law principles.

Direct all written communications to:
Greater Louisville Automobile Dealers Association, Inc.
3801 Springhurst Blvd., Suite 209, Louisville, KY 40241

5. To Be Completed by the Exhibitor:

Name of Designated Contact Person who will handle details and to whom all information should be directed, if different from above.

4. To be completed by Show Organizer:
Accepted for and on behalf of Greater Louisville Automotive Dealers Association, Inc.: